Scaling PHP with HipHop


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Very clear introduction to HipHop. It's moved on a lot since I last looked at it.

Knowledge of HipHop went from 0 to 60 in one session; while our team may not be able to implement it yet, definitely want to keep an eye on it and see if we can steer some projects in a direction that allows us to test the waters.

I didn't realize how far HipHop had come, and how useful it could potentially be for projects on a smaller (much smaller) scale than Facebook. This was an excellent talk with tons of info, but was well organized and delivered so it didn't feel overwhelming. Thanks, Sara.

Awesome history and introduction to HipHop, very cool stuff!

Anonymous at 13:59 on 17 May 2013

This cleared up a few misconceptions I had about the project, as it's come a long way from the compiler model of years past. Beyond the VM and JIT itself, I appreciated the look into some of the internal tools and features that have yet to be fully published.