Git and Github: Working Effectively on a Team


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Issue Tracker vital=Agree 100% As a subversion refuge who often works on stand alone projects, Jeff introduced me to a number of possible workflows to consider. The whole talk was a reminder I need to update my git foo :)

Anonymous at 11:21 on 23 May 2014

Good info, went a little fast at times.

Learning the various work flows was a good moment. One take away from this talk is that I'm not too afraid of rebase anymore.

A+. Amazing talk. Really showed me the value of pull requests and not to fear rebase. Thank you so much.

I have little experience with git, especially using the command line, so the git command examples were hard for me to follow. That said, I'm not sure if there's a better way to explain it visually or less cryptically, and it might have robbed time from other aspects of the talk. Similarly, the rebasing concept was hard for me to grasp. However, the information was overall valuable. I understand git and branch handling better than I did before the talk.

It was also nice to see good audience participation during the Q&A.

Thanks for presenting!

This was a fantastic, to-the-point guide to using git as a collaboration tool. I got some great tips that I can't wait to implement on my own team!