Introduction to Laravel


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Very good, informative talk

Great presentation & code exercises.

Colin is very versed in multiple CMS's, and gave a very interesting and informative session. I enjoyed the history of Laravel at the beginning. The second half of the session we dove into laravel and Colin provided excellent code samples to allow us to become familiar with the routing and presentation layer, and some things in between. The Laravel resources given were also very helpful. This was a very useful session!

Anonymous at 11:35 on 23 May 2014

Incredibly useful presentation for someone unfamiliar with the framework; provided a working image for us to play with, with very comprehensive explanations of the tools he was highlighting. Spent a lot of time talking with Collin before and after the session, and he provided a vast amount of help and suggestions.

Very well organized. I appreciated your having the download with the _demo folders ready when we needed them. Really well-done!

I would have preferred that the questions asked to you were repeated and then answered to the group, though. We could have all learned from the answers.