Introduction to OAuth


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Presented one high level flow chart early in presentation, but kind of glossed over it. It may help to tie steps to a simplified flow and keep coming back to it as you hit subsequent steps. I got the signature part well enough, but the question about how you have to do it with each request highlights how tying into the flow may help clarify the talk.

Anonymous at 11:31 on 21 May 2014

Black on white?! Color that shit up!! ;-)

Exactly what I was hoping for - a 'mile-wide, inch deep' look at Oauth 1 and Oauth 2. Matt was very personable, comfortable, and pleasant to watch. Highly recommended!

You come off as totally comfortable, in control, relaxed, etc. and that makes everything go really smoothly, which I think is the most important skill for giving a great talk. I'd like to see this talk incorporate some kind of "map" or something so I don't feel quite so lost in a sea of vocabulary, but overall I think it has a lot of potential to be a great intro to OAuth. I can explain better in person. :-)

Decent talk. Tried to cover way to much for an hour. I would suggest more in depth on one of the versions or a longer time. Also agree with Jason on flow charts and Jason on maps!

Mihail Irintchev at 12:06 on 21 May 2014

The lector was smooth and confident on the subject but what I really needed was some working examples and a demo to put some flesh on. It was kinda dry.

I agree with the other comments that a flow diagram would help reinforce how a client interacts with an OAuth server. Feel like the talk would be better served by removing the discussion about the server side and using that time to solidify the concept of "How do I allow others to authenticate on my site via a third party?" in our heads.

Great overview of concepts and flows in OAuth 1 and 2. I think the depth of coverage was pretty good and would hesitate going any deeper in explanation while you're covering both 1 and 2. For a talk focused towards beginner / intermediate developers thinking about OAuth; this was a great job throwing terminology out there for further investigation.

Anonymous at 16:16 on 21 May 2014

Didn't feel like I gained much from this talk. The strokes were a bit too broad. The small bits of sample code were the bit of meat that I wanted and contained several syntactical errors one of which would cause a fatal.

I did get a broad understanding of the process though and the parts that make up OAuth, so to say I gained nothing would certainly be untrue

Lark Mullins at 13:19 on 22 May 2014

Great intro to OAuth. Great pacing, good coverage of the basics of OAuth, and Matt did a great job at presenting the info.

Anonymous at 15:12 on 23 May 2014

I agree with the flow chart suggestions. It'd be a good addition to the talk for us visual learners. This was a great talk though! It was the overview of oauth I was looking for.