JavaScript's Difficult Concepts


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Anonymous at 17:48 on 21 May 2014

Slides please

Anonymous at 17:50 on 21 May 2014

I would have liked to hear/learn about closures and how they affect scope as instances etc.

Good explanation of the various things not to do in JS though, and I don't say that to be snarky, seriously some good stuff in this talk. I was unaware of variable hoisting, and have never used prototypes, so I feel like my toolbox is a bit bigger now.

Excellent talk!

Maybe it's just me, but "this" is far more confusing than the variable scope, so I would have allocated less time to discussing scope. Also, you rely on an understanding of objects in order to discuss "this", but don't officially explain them until later in the talk. You could order it as: (1) scope (but much shorter), (2) object literals (quick mention), (3) the concept of a function as something which can be assigned (another quick mention), (4) context, as you had it, and then (5) prototyping (slightly shorter than you had it due to reorganization). That might provide better scaffolding.

But given (1) that you deride prototyping and (2) the time it takes to explain it, perhaps find a way to quickly convey its very basic concept and complexity, dismiss it, and replace that content with a description of the module pattern which you laud.

Every so often, I have to remind myself how exactly JS does what it does. This talk was a refreshing way to do just that. Tough to cover the topics in just an hour; found that some of the initial examples were difficult to follow but soon made sense as they were built upon.

One thing to add (though, again, difficult in an hour time slot) would be a quick example of the module pattern. Was mentioned at least twice in the talk but not really explained how it fits into JS development or why.

Mihail Irintchev at 11:36 on 22 May 2014

Quite focused on the issues, easy to follow lecture, very understandable examples.

This doesn't make me hate JS any less, but I do now understand it more. Thanks Jeff.

Great talk to a difficult crowd of rage-filled haters. ;)

Andrew C. Vernon at 12:16 on 25 May 2014

This is one of those "tech-heavy" talks that can either be a bore or deeply informative. In this case, I got a lot out of it, particularly if and when I can review the slides afterwards. I definitely got a better understanding of some hard-to-understand JS gotchas.