Obtaining Closure with Anonymous Functions


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Anonymous at 12:33 on 22 May 2014

slides please

Eye opening!!! Thank you so much.

A lot of Good, concise, info on closures, lambdas, and anonymous functions.

Worth expanding it for a longer talk

It was a lot to cover in a short time period. It was hard for me to follow as more of a novice and although I understood that there were many situations where you could use these new tools, it was too fast-paced for me to fully grasp why they would be the superior choice over named functions. The main advantages I was able to understand were to decrease resource use (because the functions are transitory), increasing code cohesion (because the capabilities are defined close to where they are used), and decreased namespace pollution. Those didn't seem like compelling reasons for what seems less natural to my less experienced mind.

Awesome talk! Please post slides.

Andrew is a great presenter, very enjoyable and the content was good too.

Great content. Needed more time.

Great content. Needed more time. Will join in the chorus in requesting slides.

Slides have been posted.