A Toolbox for APIs and Integrations


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Very informative. A lot of great tools presented.

Excellent presentation! A wide variety of tools where presented to help in the construction of APIs.

Excellent as always.

Great talk! covered a lot of API ground in just an hour. Definitely laid the groundwork for good tools to use when building and API.

Riley Major at 15:12 on 21 May 2015

Comprehensive overview of modern API development tools, delivered in a no-nonsense style. A little levity might have improved the general feeling of the talk. A little heavy-handed at times, but the recommendations seem to come from experience.

Thanks for pulling all of this information together for us.

Good overview, thanks.

It was great to learn about some new tools that I'm sure will make life a little easier.

Thanks Ben. This was a excellent set of tools that can be employed to assist the developer.

Good info presented well.

Great talk (I'd seen earlier incarnations of a similar talk by Ben) that explores options for creating and consuming APIs.