Data Structures in PHP


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Very informative. A lot covered in a short amount of time very effectively. Matthew also handled questions really well.

A thorough overview of the different Data Structures implemented in the SPL and Ardent. Very helpful for those of us long removed from our Computer Science classes and have forgotten that PHP offers a lot more data structures than just Hashed Arrays for holding data.

Use of GOT characters in the examples was a nice touch.

Speaker is familiarize with the topics and provided good overview for the data structure.

Great presentation. Very well put together and easy to follow.

very good examples! I am looking forward to playing with some of these!

You really knew the material well, so you were great at explaining without skipping important information. You answered questions really well, too!

Appreciated the insight into the varying data structures I can use for collections in PHP. Definitely going back to work with some of these in mind. Thanks!

Great talk. Very knowledgable. He covered the standard data structures well and even mentioned how we could use a few more that were a bit less common. He did a great job of revealing the lesser used classes available in the SPL and where there was no class, alternatives that created the data structure.

Covered a lot of content.

Whirlwind tour of varying implementations for common data structures in PHP. It was valuable to learn about the Ardent or SPL-Collections libraries.

Covered a lot of material in a short amount of time. Very useful, will definitely think about resource cost more with arrays after this!

You did a great job presenting this material

Matthew's presentation covered a lot of ground without feeling rushed. I left with a much better understanding of the various data structures available through Ardent and SPL, as well as how and when to use them.

I feel like I would have gotten more out of this talk had it been presented after the "Practical Computer Science Concepts Simplified" talk from Joshua Silver, but Matthew is a sharp developer and fantastic speaker. The SPL has been a hot topic in the conference circuit, and Matthew is one of the most knowledgeable speakers I've seen.