Doctrine ORM: What's This, Then?


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Really good talk. Highly energetic speaker. Gave a great level of detail for the time allotted.

great topic. Good coverage. Some questions required a teacher more familiar with the library. Lecture a little high energy for me to soak up the information.

Great talk. Unfortunately the short time slot didn't allow for going beyond the basics or really explaining *why* Doctrine is worth it (i.e. encapsulating domain logic in the entities where they can be unit tested).

Great job on the info. You speak at 100mph, present at a slower even tempo and you're set.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the talk. I learned quite a bit in a very short period of time and can't wait to do some testing with Doctrine.

I can see this is something you're very passionate about, however, I would try slowing down just a little bit. (I would also consider static images on the slides, as animations can sometimes distract from the content.)

Overall, it was an awesome talk!

very good rapid fire talk!

Great talk, good info, I'd love to see your slides for this.

Added a link to the slides in the description. Thank you for your feedback!