Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned in Rabbinical School


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Fantastic talk, tons of great wisdom. Inspiring to see the acknowledgement of all of the great people in the greater php community. I also liked the correspondence of ancient wisdom as applied to the craft of programming.

Great talk. Plenty for anyone to take away.

Great knowledge of what it truly means to grow as a developer and maintain a great relationship between the coder and the code.

Excellent talk. I don't know that I've heard a keynote audience so silent. They were very much engaged in what you were saying.

Great talk with a lot to take away. Loved the use of tweets and blog posts accompanying the concepts being discussed.

Great talk full of deep yet practical wisdom.

I have to be honest, I was skeptical about this keynote. I wasn't sure what to expect. As it turns it out, Yitz is a great speaker, and presented an exceptional talk. I definitely left with some gems of sage advice to mull over (and take action on!)

Very inspirational. Truly outstanding speaker!

great lecture. presentation kept my attention and motivated me to get involved in the community.

Third time I've had the opportunity to listen to this talk. I've learned more every time and am thoroughly engaged throughout.

Excellent talk!! Very inspiring.

Excellent talk. Yitzchok was comfortable the whole time and really brought the whole talk together with connected points and a bit of audience participation.

Great talk. I am kind of like in a cocoon and just work with my colleagues. I felt I didnt learn new stuffs enough. For sure, I will act and be a more professional developer.

Excellent speaker.
Great ideas.
I even wrote some things on my card. :)

Enjoyable and entertaining.

Inspiring talk that will change the way that I will approach work.

I appreciated the well put together nature of the talk. I appreciate the emphases on gaining information by interacting with people around you whether by mentoring, through peers, or by being mentored.

A fantastic talk that contained excellent wisdom for any developer.

Great talk. Really good advice and examples of people who "get it". If you have the chance to see this talk, you should definitely attend.

Great talk!! I will be using this advice in my development process!! Thanks @coderabbi

This was very thought provoking and not only helps with the growth as a software developer but also as a person. I will definitely be sharing the insights presented here to others outside of the programming community as well. Thanks!

Super keynote speech. Everything you would expect from a keynote and a rabbi.

Great Keynote. Your topics were insightful and appropriate, not only to our programming world but to life in general.

Great talk. Yitz was very engaging and I was personally challenged.

to quote the speaker back at himself "..he gets it"

Articulate, entertaining, and insightful. It's no wonder that Mr. Willroth has established himself as one of the least forgettable members of the PHP community. The wisdom that he shares is timeless and inspiring. The advice is practical and pragmatic, and every developer would do well to heed the lessons that are abundant among the teachings. Great slide-deck, too.