Navigating Your Git Repository


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Fantastic. Very knowledgable and energetic.

Excellent presentation. A good mix of information and anecdotes to keep the audience engaged.

Extremely helpful for a dev trying to convert from SVN to Git! Thank you!

Riley Major at 17:59 on 21 May 2015

You have a great presentation style with energy, enthusiasm, and levity. However, your cadence can be a bit rushed. I'm not sure it's worth adjusting that for fear of moderating the positive qualities.

As a git novice, despite your clear, careful documentation and visualizations, it was still challenging for me to follow.

It might have helped to explain what's happening on the file system when you check out or switch branches. When are the files on disk changing, so that when you open them in an editor you see different versions?

I don't know if it matters, but I was confused when you contrasted subversion and git with respect to how they work with diffs. You said that subversion has revisions which are the diff of the current change against the previous revision. But I've always thought of git commits as diffs, since that's how they're always visualized, and I figured that for space efficiency, it wouldn't save all of the duplicate data. But perhaps it doesn't matter or is out of scope for the talk.

The time probably didn't allow, but I wonder if a demo would have helped drive some of the points home. Sometimes that can be more confusing, though.

You should consider doing a tutorial or training half-day or day on git and github.

Thanks for putting this presentation together. I think it's a great topic for this community.

This was an absolutely fantastic presentation. It was exactly the right pace, very clear and well organized. This is my fourth day at the conference and I'm getting burnt out, so I really appreciated the energy and enthusiasm of the presenter.

Git's documentation is pretty dismal, and this helped me wrap my head around git and its paradigm. Explaining the connection of git to graph theory helps tremendously. The slides were so clear so I am hoping you'll post them!

Great presentation. Just technical enough for those who are familiar with day-to-day git usage, but not too in-the-weeds in the technical side of things. Delivery was awesome.

Helped me understand git much better, despite years of use.

No criticism or comments to offer. Just great job.

Absolutely loved the energy of the talk. I wanted more in depth about git. The description includes the phrase "what's going on in the .git folder?" so I was expecting an advanced talk. I guess I should read the schedule a little more in depth. ;-)

If you are ever in the Souther California area and want to present at SDPHP, please let me know. ;-)