PHP 7 is (Almost) Here. OMG! PANIC!


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Great coverage of the things that are going to go bad with PHP7. Lots of insight, and the speaker did an awesome job keeping the audience involved.

Great practical advice on all the things you have to worry about when moving from PHP 5.x to PHP 7.

Lots of good-to-know information to ease the transition to PHP7.

Very good talk - lots of good information, well described and insightful. I would definitely attend future meetings by Adam.

Great job discussing what will break with PHP 7.

Great use of comparisons and explanations on some of the changes that will be needed to run PHP7

Very informative. Hope that switching to PHP7 will be as easy as the presentation shown it.

Great talk! my team has a lot of work to do to get to php 7 compatibility!

Awesome job informing everyone what can/will break with PHP7.

I expected this to be a high level overview of new features and almost didn't attend, but I appreciated the details on some specific changes and things to be looking for in testing for compatibility.

While some of the presentation was already covered in the key note, this presentation had much more depth. I am excited to test my codebases in php7, but based on the age of our codebase, that may be a little tricky.

Thank you for taking the time to present.

Good talk on the (current) potential pitfalls of a PHP5 to PHP7 migration.

A humorous and well-delivered talk. Mr. Harvey is a bona fide PHP expert, and a core contributor, so he speaks with authority. He set many peoples' minds at ease with the news that most applications will "just work" in PHP7. As with any major revision, there will be corner-cases and "gotchas", but he named each case specifically and discussed the appropriate change to be made.

Based on the information that was presented, the transition should be a relative breeze for developers who can move from PHP5 to PHP7 overnight. Even for those who must support both versions for some period of time, there is plenty of light at the end of the rather short tunnel.

Where I can get all the regexp used to detect code that will cause issues with PHP 7? I saw them in your talk, but they are missing on provided slides.