PHPSpec & Behat: Two Testing Tools That Write Code For You


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Very good introduction to the two great tools.

Anonymous at 14:55 on 21 May 2015

Had a very positive outlook on the subject, was excited to talk about the subject matter. Definitely would listen to more talks.

nice lecture. Very informative and good progression. Feel like there could be a little more clarity on how how to draw the line between what behat is meant for vs phpspec

I really enjoyed this talk. The worked example of Behat, in particular, was excellent and really helped my understanding of the tool, and the subject of BDD in general. Thanks!

I really enjoy sessions that give you practical information that can be taken back to work and implemented relatively quick. Great job.

love this. Great talk!

This was great. I've been ramping up the unit testing framework of my code base and have been wondering how to do more. This gives me a great jumping off point.

Great presenter. Very knowledgeable. Did a great job walking through an example. Was able to cover a lot of information in a short amount of time and get the message across effectively.