Polyglot Databases


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Thanks for this overview of the hybrid solution. It was clear with real world examples. The slides were nice and illustrated concepts well through animations.

Really great talk on how you can combine different DB's into one useful app

Good presentation. Thanks for putting it together.

Some of the slides were a little dense with information and you moved past them quickly. Sometimes it was tough to correlate your narrative with the slides and their structure. The information had good real-world context though.

It seemed like you "gave up" on the relational databases a little easily with respect to handling a variety of schema, though. Couldn't you accept incoming data in a variety of formats with different tables and then stitch the data together for reporting purposes?

Also, you cite the relational database as a single point of failure for data collection, and then mitigated your MongoDB single point of failure by having the relational database receive the data while MongoDB was down. Couldn't you just have had two relational databases, and if the primary went down, have the data access layer store incoming results in temporary relational storage to be moved back to the primary when it came back up?

These are minor quibbles with what was otherwise very informative and interesting. Thanks again.

Good mix of antecdotal experience and technical specifications. Best slides in the conference so far. I appreciate the visual representations.

I enjoyed this practical look at a real world solution to a difficult problem. I'm going to cautiously consider a hybrid approach when I can instead of looking for a one-size-fits-all system.

MajiD presented a well-designed and carefully-considered slide-deck that was both interesting and informative. It is clear that a well-armed developer must understand the various types of databases that are at his disposal in order to build a well-scaling and adaptable application. The introduction to MongoDB was very useful and something that I will consider in future application designs. The ability to store native JSON data is becoming ever more important and will make MongoDB a much more common consideration. The practical application of both MySQL and MongoDB in the context of a massive online gaming network made the talk all the more interesting. Well done.