Practical Computer Science Concepts Simplified


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Great talk. As a self-taught engineer myself I've had to learn some of things on my own and there were a few things I wasn't familiar with at all. I appreciated the high-level overview of the different concepts with just enough implementation detail to know when I should consider applying the various concepts.

Anonymous at 17:58 on 21 May 2015

Very useful information presented at a high-level. Provided starting points for further learning.

Well prepared presentation. He has a good understanding of the material, and he was easy to understand and interact with. I'm glad I attended his presentation.

really enjoyed the lecture.

Anonymous at 19:31 on 21 May 2015

It was a good talk about the basics of Regex, FSM and Graphs. I would have liked to see a code example of a graph inside php. It also would have been nice to go over the SPL data structures as well. I have seen a number of times where developers rewrite DLL's, heaps and queues when it is not needed.

Great high-level look at the concepts many self-taught devs (myself included) may have missed out on before. This talk provides a great starting point for those who want to learn more, yet provides just enough for others who only want/need a basic understanding of things like stacks, heaps, and queues.