The Promise of Asynchronous PHP


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Good talk. Touched on different async libraries and extensions available today. Mostly covered ReactPHP in depth. Well spoken and great information!

Riley Major at 16:29 on 21 May 2015

Good overview of asynchronous processing at the beginning. It would have been nice to provide some warnings, maybe at the end, about how asynchronous programming can introduce challenging debugging situations, especially if any of the parallel processes interact.

It would have been helpful to see a demo of how an app would speed up using asynchronous processing. You could have sequential code and parallel code and toggle back and forth to demonstrate the difference for the audience to appreciate the impact more viscerally rather than merely. (The sometimes-slow Wifi would have provided good testing fodder.)

Once you transitioned into ReactPHP, it was sometimes difficult to learn both the React capabilities and syntax at the same time as the concept of promises and streams. It would have been nice to start with an example using promises without any special ReactPHP networking magic (e.g. DNS resolving).

You might want to mention how there is a React JavaScript framework which is unrelated.

You could also note how the concept of promises are not unique to ReactPHP. I believe they are now part of ECMA (JavaScript) 6.

It might have been nice to show a specific example using callbacks and contrast it to promises.

Thanks for your presentation.

A lot of interesting information. Because of the amount of things covered, I think he could have reviewed the options and compared/contrasted them better. That would have been helpful.

Definitely think I can make use of this. Was always curious as to how this worked, now I've got a place to start.

very excited to see the future of this, especially Reactphp. Great job!

I am going to be looking in to ReactPHP a lot now thanks to this. Thank you