JavaScript for PHP Developers


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Really excellent talk, very clear explanations, great examples, deep technical knowledge on tap!

Eric knows his stuff!! Very concise and well paced presentation. Thanks.

Adam Petersen at 22:08 on 25 May 2016

REALLY enjoyed this talk - excellent, easy to understand code examples, very well paced to cram max learning into an hour. I only wish it could have been longer.

Eric is extremely knowledgable, and was able to explain everything very clearly. The code examples were excellent and the discussions about the common pitfalls were very useful.

This talk should be required learning for any PHP developer dipping their toes into JavaScript-heavy applications. Eric was able to re-frame JavaScript from "it makes the icon bounce" by putting it in terms a PHP developer would understand, while showing off the power of this ubiquitous language.

Andy Snell at 18:32 on 29 May 2016

Speaker knew his stuff -- this was a great comparison of the two languages and pitfalls when writing JavaScript. Very well organized.

Max Chadwick at 11:48 on 31 May 2016

Great job. Simple easy to follow code examples. Nice job connecting it back to PHP (what's different). Answered questions from audience well.