PHP 7 Compliance Workshop


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Rated 5

Damien Seguy (Speaker) at 14:31 on 24 May 2016

The slides for the presentation :

Rated 5

Morgane Eloi at 17:48 on 26 May 2016

I came after another talk and saw about 1 hour of this session. Very Informative and well explained, especially on how to detect where changes would be needed in our code.

I will definitely look at the slides to catch up on what I've missed

Rated 4

Anonymous at 08:56 on 27 May 2016

Rated 5

Tyler Schade at 09:38 on 27 May 2016

Very thorough and well done.

Rated 4

Zachary May at 10:48 on 27 May 2016

Great info and delivery, but for a 3+ hour session, it could have stood to be more interactive.