phpdbg for Fun and Profit


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Joe Ferguson at 11:19 on 27 May 2016

Enjoyed the talk and the code demos. Enjoyed the talk and the puns.

A highly entertaining and informative talk!

The rear-projection screen did effect the colours, but the slides were still clear and the code always readable (when not displayed as black on a red background)

Great talk, very entertaining and informative. Wasn't aware that phpdbg supported code coverage reporting and hadn't used it much, learned a lot from the overview this presentation provided.

Formal debugging tools have always been a weak-point of mine, but Adam's talk made phpdbg extremely accessible and easy to understand. His presentation style was both relaxed and engaging, and I caught even the most experienced devs in the room nodding approvingly at the advice being shared.

Having only ever used (and struggled with) XDebug, this was an eye-opening introduction to an alternative debugging tool. The walkthroughs for both console _and_ web applications were a huge plus!

As still a relative newbie, I found the presentation useful and informative despite not totally following every detail. My impression is that this tool can provide a very convenient and quick alternative to building error traces directly into the code itself. Quick, temporary and immediate run time traces. Worth getting to know. Thanks.

James Titcumb at 07:50 on 29 May 2016

Repeating what I said on Twitter:
"Gotta be said, @LGnome is a great speaker. Delivering tech content superbly, with just the right amount of wit. You need him at your conf."

Basically this - very good talk, well delivered, and just the right amount of subtle entertainment value. Perfectly executed.

Adam is a great speaker and did a good job presenting the topic. I'd previously heard phpdbg was just for internals development so I was curious to see how Adam would present it and he did a job convincing me it can also be useful for normal PHP app debugging.