Robust Second-factor Authentication with PHP


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Love the slides and illustrations! Great content, thanks for putting the talk together.

I might consider refining the presentation of the code examples from Github. It was a little hard to follow, but it certainly could have been just me.

Derek Binkley at 10:38 on 27 May 2016

This talk was filled with useful information about second factors and covered a lot of the terminology and pros and cons of various methods. I will definitely use some of the techniques shown here in my next authentication project.

Tim always does an excellent job presenting. Both last year and this year I thought I already knew a lot about his topics but I went because I knew he is good and both times I ended up learning a lot. Very engaging presentation style and examples.

Brent Hosie at 12:28 on 14 Jul 2016

Clear, concise, and friendly. The code and slides were very easy to follow. Great balance between an overview and diving into implementation.