We use webhooks to have our applications exchange data as soon as it happens, rather than polling using APIs. This session covers creating, consuming, and deploying webhooks in a modern, microservices world. This session is recommended for anyone interested in teaching their applications to play nicely with others.


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Matt H. at 12:37 on 25 May 2017

As always, Lorna did quite well explaining the topic (webhooks), as well as demonstrating them using (and sufficiently explaining) related tools like Ngrok, RabbitMQ, and RequestBin.

Joshua Smith at 14:07 on 25 May 2017

By far this was the best talk of the conference for me. I was expecting only to hear about creating an endpoint for receiving POSTs from an existing system (i.e. GitHub), but I was pleasantly surprised to hear about how to create a webhook for others to receive. Lorna did a great job of presenting the right way (and highlighting some of the wrong ways) to build on both sides of webhooks.

Bonus points for mentioning two great tools (ngrok and RequestBin) and for the live demo.

So totally am going to change the way I do certain things in my applications. Lorna made this very easy to understand how to implement this from both sides, and the best way to handle these in large environments. She is an excellent speaker!

Excellent delivery :)

Steven Wade at 15:55 on 9 Jun 2017

Great info in here. As a backend programmer for a SaaS company, I've experienced building and consuming many of these concepts. This talk drove one point home to me that I hadn't thought of before - accept and move on. Such a simple concept, but being able to just accept a webhook, queue it, process later, and immediately release the connection is a real performance gain. Thanks for the info!