This will be a walkthrough of Etsy’s, still in progress, journey from a shared manual test team to a more self-service functional/UI automation system. It’s a tale of endeavoring to continue to deliver products with high quality through company restructuring and lots of organizational change.

During her first year at Etsy, Christian went from being a very people-centric QA Manager to a more hands-on technical lead. The transition was very eye-opening. Many other companies are endeavoring to make a similar change. She learned some important lessons along the way that seem useful regardless of whether one’s product quality system is manual or fully automated.

Topics covered will include quality metrics, code coverage, various types of automated testing, postmortems, post-launch incident monitoring and reporting, consumer sentiment, and retrospectives.


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Brian Sanders at 11:05 on 31 May 2018

Great first conference talk! Very relatable story of the evolution of a team's role within an evolving company.

There was a lot of exposition up front (and some inside baseball terms that took a few moments to comprehend), but Christian really hit her stride once she got into what Etsy is doing *now*, which is really the meat of the talk; may be worth streamlining the background into more of a story (e.g. "so here's what we were doing (at a high level), then the restructuring happened, and that forced us to really get creative — here's how we tackled it.

Overall, a really great first conference talk that's full of both empathy and technical details.

John Wong at 16:12 on 31 May 2018

It is great to hear how their team is working. Thanks.

Betsy Gamrat at 14:26 on 1 Jun 2018

This was a great discussion of how to adapt an organization to major changes while retaining the focus on the core objective - testing all the things. Thank you

Dave Liddament at 17:29 on 5 Jun 2018

A great first conference talk. Christian clearly had a passion for the topic and that showed in the delivery.

My suggestion for improvement would be to shorten the introduction and spend more time on the lessons learned.

Great talk and I look forward to seeing you speak at another conference soon.