You've built the perfect PHP application, and now it's time to release it into the wild. Will you bask in the glory of your success, or will you find yourself inundated with outages?

When your PHP app is running on your laptop, it's easy to get the insights you need into the health and functionality of your web apps. Your production deployment topology can be a different story. How will you get the visibility you need to diagnose production failures? Better still, can you design and build systems that degrade gracefully when usage spikes or integrations fail?

This talk will present a process for breaking down your application into well-factored segments and architectural patterns that enable self-healing.


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Matt H. at 17:40 on 31 May 2018

Good presentation. I was impressed with how well prepared his demo was, and his example of a way to make PHP code more resilient using the Circuit Breaker pattern was easy to understand and did a good job of demonstrating the benefits of using that pattern. Good speaker. I'd be glad to see him at a future php[tek] conference.

I enjoyed this talk. Brian made it very relatable and the circuit breaker pattern he discussed was explained quite well. Good stuff.

Ryan Howe at 10:10 on 6 Jun 2018

Very good presentation. The design pattern is a great pattern to consider and the code sampled where great.