API tools, services, and techniques abound, but in this session, we’ll focus on the ones that require little (or no) setup, and that you can start using right now (during the session).

Whether you’re building or consuming APIs, there will be something for you. If you’re new to APIs, you’ll leave with a bunch of things you can use right now. If you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll probably see a new way to simplify something that’s bugged you in the past.


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John Congdon at 08:30 on 22 May 2019

Lorna as usual does a great job presenting, but as she admitted at the beginning, the title needs to be changed. Or the abstract a little more clear. My assumptions based on the title were wrong, making the presentation a little less meaningful personally.

I was hoping for a more descriptive talk on tools surrounding things like the OpenAPI spec and tools to help mock and run apis.

The tools shown are still important and useful, just for a different segment of the development process.

Thank you Lorna for taking the time to prepare and present.

I agree that the title (not Lorna's fault) could be better, but I love that this actually had some interactivity. Thanks to this talk I was introduced to Postman and have already begun to see a huge time-saving benefit. Looking forward to trying Ngrok and some of the others mentioned as well.