Building an enterprise application can be challenging with all the many stakeholders and domains involved. In this talk, l discuss how Domain Driven Design (DDD) principles can be used to model real-world systems/processes. Entities, data mappers, aggregates, and value objects will be covered. There will be a brief section on event storming as well.


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Good intro to DDD.

Kyle Schatzle at 15:54 on 18 May 2023

Good high level explanation and description of the various components for DDD in a PHP world. How each component relates to and works with the others was well thought out.

Dana Luther at 06:11 on 19 May 2023

This was a great talk. The analogies were easy to follow and very helpful. Mark spoke clearly and energetically and was easy to follow even from the back of the room.

Thanks for the talk. I was a lot of information to try and process. I'm hoping when I review the video it will click better.