In this presentation, we are going to have a look at the journey that PHP has made with the PHP 7 and PHP 8 releases, by using the latest Xdebug to see what actually goes on. We literally going to debug our way out of PHP's new features! Join me to have a look at how the type system is strengthened with Enumerations and "never", Fibers, a new closure syntax, the First Class Callable Syntax, intersection types, and other new smaller features, as well as a preview of what PHP 8.3 and Xdebug 3.3 are going to bring.


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Nick Marsceau at 10:52 on 18 May 2023

It was great to hear about xdebug from its author! Looking forward to integrating it into my dev environment.

Dana Luther at 11:00 on 18 May 2023

This was a great run through of the newer features, and I really appreciated the live demos.

Gary Pedretty at 11:12 on 18 May 2023

Good overview of debug tools and application.

So much great info.

Thanks for everything you do for the community. This was a helpful in so many ways.

Kyle Schatzle at 15:49 on 18 May 2023

Tons of great info about the details of xdebug.