Software developers have a choice. Do you want to continue your career on a technical path? Or are you thinking about advancing into a leadership position? Let’s have some fun with this and construct an algorithm to help you decide! We’ll look at the variables, your preferences, and then you will be able to evaluate the alternatives with a clear-eyed vision for the future.


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Fun, informative way to begin the day with an insight on the value of intentional decision making.

Nick Marsceau at 09:55 on 18 May 2023

Good reminder of what is required to make big decisions in life!

Phil Konsor at 09:56 on 18 May 2023

Very good talk about how we consider our future!

Yannick Voyer at 10:02 on 18 May 2023

Insightful and it really could be applied in our life, not just web development

Kyle Schatzle at 10:08 on 18 May 2023

Informative and fun. The value of simplicity was insightful.

Gary Pedretty at 11:13 on 18 May 2023

Good concepts for making tough decisions and not procrastinating

Dana Luther at 11:53 on 18 May 2023

Unfortunately this came across very disjointed. I don’t think the slides added value, so perhaps just having a direct conversational approach would flow better. The word cloud was very cool. The algorithm exercise was interesting, though I think it would be good to express a little more clarity around what the expectation there is. The message of taking hold of your future by making deliberate choices instead of letting the future just happen to you is a great one, thank you for sharing it with us.

While the exercise was nice, I think in a limited time slot its best to spend more on the speaking. Talking through one or two possible approaches (pre-written) would have been more engaging. Word cloud was great.

Thanks for the talk it was insightful.

Very good and interactive talk

Talk was okay, a little hard to relate to, and the presentation was not very smooth. The group activity was confusing what we were doing at first, needed more clarity and direction, although with it being a keynote it felt a bit out of place to do breakouts by table. We built an algorithm, but felt relying on this missed one's overall goals and direction in life.