We may adopt a perspective of ownership around the code we write and maintain, the career path we find ourselves on, and our position in the community around us.

Intentionally shifting that perspective away from the ownership model to an alternative model can lead to finding opportunity where before there was frustration and finality.

And it can impact more that just our code. It can bring a powerful new perspective to our career, our community, and even this very conference.


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It was great to hear from someone about his first experiences in coming to tek. It's awesome to see where I can go from where I am now. I also appreciated being taught more about what it means to stay open to new learning and perspectives while growing as a developer.

Jake Bennett at 09:28 on 16 May 2023

Loved this talk! Great way to kick off the conference. Felt like a sermon more than a tech talk, in a good way 😄

Great preparation, slides kept the interest, can’t imagine how long that must have taken! Nice work!

Good keynote Tim! Talk moved along at a good pace, had relatable examples and stories, and made good points about ownership.

Fantastic talk.

Great keynote!

Loved this very inspiring and motivating presentation. It's widely applicable to life outside of our work as developers. Really hope the organizers managed to record this.

Eli White at 09:46 on 16 May 2023

Amazing start to the conference, and very enjoyable

This was an amazing talk and it really put a bunch of things into perspective for me. 🤯

Brandon Worby at 09:48 on 16 May 2023

Great talk sir!

McGhee Rich at 09:49 on 16 May 2023

Great job, loved the different perspective

Really enjoyed the talk. Felt like a great message going into the conference as well as being generally applicable to life.

Julian Canepa at 09:50 on 16 May 2023

Good keynote that sets the tone for approaching the conference (& beyond) a growth mindset where everything is temporary and ownership means less than stewardship. "Success can’t be what I have, it’s what I do with what I have".

Excellent message in an engaging presentation.

Kyle Schatzle at 09:51 on 16 May 2023

Great keynote. Tim gave a very genuine and heartfelt talk. The viewpoint of being stewards of life was well received. Great way to open PHPTek.

John Boctor at 09:52 on 16 May 2023

Tim Lytle is a fantastic speaker. Starting the conference out with a talk on ownership while waxing philosophy, he breathed life and context into an old parable that I have heard dozens of times. He was able to convey the point that while the organizers and speakers have done their part, it is now up to us to take advantage of the opportunities provided us. He had an infectious enthusiasm in his presentation and I could listen to him speak for hours.

Nate Finch at 09:53 on 16 May 2023

Love the call to stewardship. It's a good framing.

Very Buddhist like tenants which could be taken in many aspects in life. When taken simply as perhaps intended, helps to improve work life / stress.

Very good reminder of a critical viewpoint, especially when dealing with the “what they want isn’t how I would do it….” frustrations

Chris Smith at 09:58 on 16 May 2023

Reminded me of the nihilists from The Big Lebowski.

Alexis Aquino at 09:59 on 16 May 2023

Learned a different perspective on how to use what we have.

Preston Brink at 09:59 on 16 May 2023

Tim was great to listen to. He is a very good speaker. I enjoyed his talk and how it could relate to so many people beyond just tech related.

Nick Pattison at 10:00 on 16 May 2023

Tim's public speaking is great -- confident, vulnerable, and low-ego. He does a great job with examples and he seems to know the audience well. The visuals were great, and I loved that the talk oozed philosophy rather that tech. Such a great way to prime everyone for learning! Learning is difficult (it involves so much un-learning), and Tim did a great job inspiring / challenging the audience without putting them on the defensive.

Nick Marsceau at 10:01 on 16 May 2023

Great talk! Tim is an excellent speaker, and everything he said is a great reminder of how we should approach life, work, and relationships.

An excellent way to open our minds to be receptive of what we can do with the knowledge gained over the next few days (and beyond)!

Gary Pedretty at 10:03 on 16 May 2023

Best tech keynote I have heard in a long time

I hadn't thought of applying stewardship to the code I write and maintain, but it actually makes more sense than claiming ownership on it.

Sandy Smith at 10:13 on 16 May 2023

Great talk. I'm stealing the "take stewardship" instead of "take ownership" approach to "I want you to take ownership" conversations.

Excellent talk to kick off the event. @Tim is an exceptional speaker and his ability to weave some really non-[tek]-nichal concepts into a meaningful way to approach the conference (and life in general) was a perfect segue to all of the events to follow.

Ian Littman at 10:25 on 16 May 2023

Fantastic opening keynote. Other commenters have covered the high points.

Great job, lots to think about

Nuno Souto at 10:53 on 16 May 2023

Amazing talk, clear and concise.

Great life advice with a tech approach and twist.

I would recommend this talk to anyone, tech or not.

Matt Libera at 10:53 on 16 May 2023

Great way to "reboot" and reframe some perspective at the start of the conference. Very well-executed and very engaging - it's definitely applicable to the conference AND life in general! Thanks so much!

Dave Stokes at 11:42 on 16 May 2023

This was an excellent choice for a talk for the PHP Community's premier event. Very Zen.

Fantastic start to the day and the conference as a whole.

Ryan Howe at 19:36 on 16 May 2023

Was a great keynote, was a great discussion about framing your perspective to move your self forward and put your priorities in order.

Great insights around ownership vs stewardship and the ephemeral nature of things.

Dana Luther at 09:13 on 17 May 2023

This was a fantastic presentation and the concept of stewardship is an excellent one for everyone.
I really loved the graphic presentation.

Phil Tadeo at 09:40 on 17 May 2023


Jason Wassing at 12:27 on 17 May 2023

The code ownership parts of the talk really resonated for me

Oscar Merida at 14:10 on 17 May 2023

Did an excellent job tying advice back to practical use in our daily work

Cori Lint at 09:06 on 18 May 2023

Inspiring, improved my mindset about the conference. Also loved the graphic instead of slides.

An excellent start to the conference. It got a little dark and stormy at times but ended strong.