You've heard the jokes about how hard it is to quit. You've witnessed the unending fight it's had with Emacs. But the truth is that Vim and NeoVim are extremely powerful modal editors that can be customized to create a powerful Integrated Development Environment.

In this talk Chris will talk about how he uses NeoVim to work on PHP projects and open your mind to the concept of modal editors and an infinitely-extensible development environment.


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Thanks for the talk. You dropped a lot of knowledge. My only feedback was I thought it might be more hands-on and less conceptual.

Omni Adams at 16:50 on 25 Apr 2024

I finally figured out how to quit Vim! Seriously though, more of a talk about the importance of using your tools rather than specifically about Vim. Slides needed more contrast.

Andrew Woods at 22:38 on 26 Apr 2024

Lots of great information in this talk. It's always nice to see other people explain their Neovim setup. It's always great to see other PHP devs use Neovim. Nice job Chris

Using :x will also quit Vim :D

Ben Ramsey at 21:53 on 28 Apr 2024

I think it’s time for me to break down and finally give Neovim a shot. As a long-time Vim user, I’ve been hesitant to switch, but through the configuration and options Chris showcased, I think it might be time to enhance my toolbox and upgrade my tools.