Talk comments

Never took a deep dive into this ICU stuff, the speaker covered a lot of the different ICU parts and clearly explained the different concepts. Bonus points for making fun of me.

Pretty solid presentation on vfsStream, the problems the library wants to solve and how to use vfsStream. Covered a lot of little gems I was not aware about.

Andreas Heigl at 08:32 on 1 Jul 2016

Great insight into the UCI in general and the Intl-Component in special. It brought up a lot of interesting stuff that will be very handy in internationalizing applications. Thanks for broadening my knowledge ;)

Andreas Heigl at 08:30 on 1 Jul 2016

Great overview on the library along with the limitations. Theres still room for improvement of the library but the talk covered all topics needed to start testing Filesystem-stream-related stuff. Thanks!

This talk exposed a load of Intl functionality that I didn't know of at all! Very useful, thanks!

Nice and informative talk: had no idea of the extent of the functionality of this library!