Building (and Testing) Testable Extensions


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Very thoughtfully presented. Exciting to learn about PHPUnit from the author himself! Sebastian collected questions from the audience and managed to process them all. Great tips on testing legacy code with big, mysterious functions. Nice comparison of PHPUnit and PHPSpec. I appreciate how Sebastian speaks admiringly of other testing libraries, while still defending his own philosophy. Thanks!

Thank you for an extremely enjoyable and informative tutorial!

Great to learn more about PHPUnit and best practices in testing.

Anonymous at 13:49 on 18 Nov 2015

A fantastic talk. It was great idea to write our questions on sticky notes and then for him to go through and answer them all. It was also amazing to see an array of presentations he could just open up and talk about. I thought Sebastian's ability to compare all the different packages and talk about the pros and cons, including those of PHPUnit was unbiased and great.

Magic, anyone?

Anonymous at 12:11 on 21 Nov 2015

While it was impressive to pull out a talk for most any question we had, it would have been nice to cover the topic suggested by the title for at least 1/2 - 2/3 of the session before getting into those questions.

Great talk! Can you share links to your presentation?