Dev Divas: Amazing Women Who Shaped Computer Tech


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Excellent talk. Would like to see this as a keynote in small community conferences and more inspiration in it :-) there were lots of good stories of very significant women who created history in tech :-)

So Amazing. If this is not a Keynote at the next conference I goto, I will be very upser

Emily Stamey at 14:05 on 19 Nov 2015

This talk included a great selection of women contributors and inventors of tech! This also really highlighted the ways in which the contributions of women were diminished has delayed significant progress in technology. This presentation was well-researched and introduced me to some really great technical women that I'd never heard of. I even learned more about those women that I had already heard of! My reading list is growing, too!

Agreed. Great Keynote that could be followed by a break out for women at conferences to get to know each other. Wish my daughter could have seen this.

I was lucky enough to see the preview version of this talk and think it is a great addition to any conference about programming, programmers, and tech history in general. Great stories and good information and insight into the ways women have contributed to and been erased by the larger tech community throughout history. I also enjoyed the photos :)