Growing Open Source Communities


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I wish I could give this talk 6 stars.

Lorna nails it once again. I'm going home and finding a project to contribute to. Thank you! Also, thank you for touching on imposter syndrome.

Lorna is a very engaging and practiced speaker. The message is delivered well and the audience is engaged and interested. Despite a late night and many tired eyes in the crowd, Lorna kept the talk lively, interesting, informative, encouraging and inspiring. Really well done.

Sherrie Rohde at 10:17 on 19 Nov 2015

As a Community Manager for an open source community (Magento), I found your talk really helpful. Your stage presence is fantastic, so kick that imposter syndrome to the curb! You did a great job of mixing your personal story with actionable advice to anyone else growing, participating, or thinking about participating in an open source community.

Emily Stamey at 11:26 on 19 Nov 2015

So much great information and insight about the type of mindset you need when building a community! I'm hoping I can continue to grow my groups, wherever my interests might take me. :)

I've decided I really like listening to Lorna talk. I think I'll make a point to listen anytime I can.

The talk itself was great, with lots of really meaningful and hard won information on open source communities. I hope it was recorded so others can hear it. It's helping to push me further towards wanting to start a local user group.

Lorna does a great job making her talks conversational. A great storyteller.

Giving a talk without slides is hard enough, and giving one this personal is even more challenging. Lorna did a fantastic job, and shared some deeply personal insights about her experiences that translate really well to community engagement and involvement. Excellent talk all around.

Logan Bailey at 16:22 on 20 Nov 2015

Very engaging speaker.

A great talk. Made me consider who I would consider to be a good person to start a local group where I live.