PHP 7 Crash Course


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++ very good would watch again

The talk was excellent. The slides were pretty hard to read, though (especially the code samples). Switching to dark text on light background might help.

Anonymous at 12:24 on 18 Nov 2015

I've found it's best to use a white background for code samples so it's easier to read because colors will always look strange on projectors, especially with dark backgrounds.

Anonymous at 12:25 on 18 Nov 2015

Well thought out and presented, good illustrating examples.

Anonymous at 12:25 on 18 Nov 2015

Speaking and Preso content was great. It's tough to make a laundry list of features and changing interesting. You did well at that.

Slides were hard to read on projector. Consider making slides higher contrast.

Anonymous at 12:51 on 18 Nov 2015

Anonymous at 15:12 on 18 Nov 2015

Great talk, well paced and with a good level of detail for a talk setting. Your slides were very hard to read & follow though, I would recommend not using a dark background in the future.

Anonymous at 17:50 on 18 Nov 2015

So exciting hearing about all of the new PHP 7 things. Thank you!

Anonymous at 09:58 on 19 Nov 2015

I echo the comments regarding code samples being hard to read - but otherwise clearly organized and presented.

Late to leave comments but agree with the others on the readability of code sample slides. Great talk overall.

Anonymous at 13:53 on 19 Nov 2015

Anonymous at 10:03 on 20 Nov 2015

Well articulated talk on PHP7 that covered a large swath of information clearly and thoroughly. Colin had a great pace to his speech. Would definitely attend another one of your presentations - thanks!