Single-Page Apps with Angular and Apigility


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I think I said it before...I really like listening to Chuck. He's always easy going and entertaining. He owns the platform. And knows what he's talking about. I like that he shared the whole set of important files for setting up his actual live, real-world project.

It's a lot of topic to cover in just an hour, for sure. It should probably be expanded to a full tutorial length, but there was a good little bit of overview of what you can do with ansible and what apigility does. Either of those individual technologies could definitely take an entire tutorial on their own. For an hour talk it would probably be best to just briefly show the output of an apigility API and then dig a little more into how Angular works with those APIs or mention what angular is doing briefly and dig more into Apigility.

I was a newbie to the topic - so there was a lot to absorb. Chuck obviously is an expert at it. I appreciate his sharing real world examples. He spent a good amount of time on the development environment (composer, etc) in order to prep an actual live demo. I personally I would have preferred more time discussing the theory of why this one page method was chosen. This part of the discussion was covered in the Q&A rather than as a part of the planned presentation.