/Regex Makes Me (Weep|Give Up|(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻).?/i


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Steven Smith at 15:48 on 17 Nov 2016

http://www.slideshare.net/brettflorio/regex-makes-me-want-to-weepgive-up-i Very good speech, helpful at all levels of regex, being a medium user of regex I learned a lot

I loved it, Brett. You went slow, steady, had very clear explanations and I loved it. Learned a few things and I wish you'd do more like it. You were personable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Fantastic, and honestly easily one of the better presentations I've seen this conference. Well done. :-)

Kebing Yu at 16:14 on 17 Nov 2016

love those examples and very clear explanations. Great job! It would be great if a passive capturing example can be given. A lot of time people are capturing when they just need grouping.

Excellent presentation! He really knows how to explain it.

Chris at 15:12 on 22 Nov 2016

Great course - exactly what I needed. I asked Brett during lunch before the course who it was geared towards and I told him I was terrified of regex, he said I was the target audience and he was right! I now have a good base knowledge of what the different characters do and I can work through patterns when I come across them or need to figure out my own.