Technology is everything these days, and your skills as a developer are in high demand. How can you leverage your unique skill set and understanding of technology to climb the ranks in your company beyond “just a developer?” Ann will tell her story of going from underpaid full-time developer, to broke freelancer, to entrepreneur, and finally to partner and CTO. More importantly, she’ll tell you what she learned along the way about the art of persuasion, transparency as a trojan horse, indispensability, confidence, standing your ground, and ultimately how to be treated and respected as a leader and not an employee.


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Jaysen LeSage at 16:39 on 14 Nov 2018

Great talk. Personally I can relate to many of the stories and experience that was shared. This talk served as a great reminder of the value we provide our organizations.

Brian Sanders at 17:20 on 14 Nov 2018

Especially appreciated the discussion of dealing with the common "difficult" personality types you encountered during your career advancement.

I took so much away from this as someone aspiring to move up to a managerial role. Going to use some of the techniques talked about to assist in reaching that goal.

Ryan Howe at 10:49 on 20 Nov 2018

This was a great talk and a great reminder that we are not "just a developer"