During this presentation, we are going to look at the new features that are being introduced PHP 7.4. Join me to have a look at how the type system is strengthened with typed properties and co- and contra-variance of methods, what changes to operator precedence are, and which new features, such as pre-loading classes, are going to be introduced.

At the end you will have a good understand about all the new and exciting features that are going to be part of the upcoming PHP 7.4 release.


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Jeremy Pry at 11:41 on 23 Oct 2019

Great explanation about what to expect in PHP 7.4. I really enjoyed having specific code examples where it was appropriate instead of only talking about the concepts in abstract.

Nathan Pelton at 13:59 on 23 Oct 2019

Seeing the code examples in the slides for the upcoming changes was really helpful in understanding the changes.

Info es great. The uses of icon in the code example was misleading, the color oh the projector most of the times just made it hard to understand

Tim Gallagher at 21:38 on 24 Oct 2019

Great presentation! However the use of emoji‘s instead of class names is extremely distracting.

Rain at 04:12 on 30 Oct 2019

Good overview.