PHP 5.NEW: The Best Bits


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Was really good. I learned quite a lot about the new features.

Good deal of information on many new and important bits of functionality in PHP 5.3 and later. Good stuff.

It's very nice presentation and got good stuff to implement.

Awesome presentation and glad to learn a lot of things. I guess I need to study more.

Really good talk. Lots of information crammed into a short time. Would be nice if the talk was more of a 90 minute - 2 hour talk (more like feedback for organizer than speaker).

A lot of good information giving me fodder to look up more details as applicable. The code examples were short enough to be informative but not overwhelming.

I was impressed at the speed at which Davey spoke while still staying clear.

The presenter talked fast but every minute of the talk was filled with information.

Great session. Very informative, although a slightly slower walkthrough of the code samples would be more effective.

This was a great talk that quickly managed to run the audience through the new things in php5. I really appreciated the detailed but easy to understand code examples.

Anonymous at 19:07 on 13 Nov 2014

So much content covered in an hour, my head was spinning. Very good balance of content and details. Caught me up on several years of PHP on a high level in a clear and well thought out way. Excellent talk.

Lots of good information as I finally get to grow up from 5.2

Warned that he goes quickly and he does, but it was at a pace where you won't get bored from hearing too much in depth information about any particular piece. Learned a lot!