Talmudic Maxims to Maximize Your Growth as a Software Developer


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This is a keynote level talk. Amazing. Wonderful. Loved every minute.

Really outstanding talk. Could be a keynote and any conference I've been to. Inspiring, loads of great advice for developers, community, etc. 6 stars.

Probably one of the most unique presentation I been to yet. Yitz had a lot of great info, advice, and tips that I think anyone could take from it. The entire presentation was very well planed and timed. The one thing I liked when he spoke about user groups and I known a lot of folks who wanted to start and keep a user group going. One thing I would like to hear from Yitz is how to keep those usergroups going and alive. It seems like most of them start up then either die off or slowly fade in numbers.

Overall great. I agree when others mentioned this should really be a keynote instead.

I loved this talk. I walked out with 5 or so actionable items. This is a great talk to hear when you're trying to grow as a software developer.

One of the best talks I've seen at any conference ever. Inspiring and a real call to action. I agree that this is a keynote-level presentation.

So many great takeaways from this talk. After following you on twitter and in various discussions online - I wasn't sure what to expect from this session but it was truly awesome, motivating and inspirational. Drawing connections from my own experiences and finding new meanings in philosophies learned long ago - I will for a long time be able to look back at this session and realize how much more there is I should be striving to do to grow as a better empath, problem-solver, communicator, developer, PHPer etc.


Very inspiring talk and presented in a great way.

Anonymous at 11:01 on 13 Nov 2014

Fantastic and inspiring. Great bits of information for the aspiring or complacent developer. Left wanting to build something that helps the world.

This is one talk that ranks among the best I have had this week.

Amazing talk. Easily keynote worthy.

Absolutely amazing talk. Yitz claimed that this talk was for beginner developers, but a developer of any level should hear and take to heart the maxims that Yitz brings to light. The memes were an excellent choice for each point he drove home, and the overall tone and message makes this one of the best soft talks I've ever heard.

Best professional development talk I've ever attended. Good common sense advice presented masterfully with humor and heart.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best talks I've ever attended, definitely keynote level, and served as a good reminder that I need to give back more to the community that's helped me so far.

A really stand-out talk. It would work great as a keynote. I would leave out the part about it being only for beginning/intermediate developers--this talk is for everyone.

Why can I not give more stars. I told Eli that if he did not make this a keynote at Tek, I will not be going

This was the best session of the conference by a wide margin. Possibly the best session I've attended all year. Moving, meaningful, approachable, practical... *Everyone* should see this talk. Definitely keynote material. Three cheers for the Rabbi!