Beyond MySQL


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Adrian Burden at 17:22 on 17 Sep 2016

Thanks for all the information and examples that is really making me rethink MySQL.

Ian Littman at 18:08 on 18 Sep 2016

Well-delivered and informative on three different databases with three different use cases, making me rethink my MySQL monoculture just a bit (okay, I'm a big Redis fan, so no new news there :) ). Fit well with the graph database talk earlier to help break folks out of the M part of the LAMP stack, which is particularly valuable given various machinations around MySQL these days (though, hey, 5.7 is pretty cool!).

One nitpick: no one uses MySQL 5.7.0 to my knowledge; I think 5.7.9 was the first real production release, and 5.7.11+ is what's common. Would love to see the next edition of this talk using a current MySQl 5.7 release up against Postgres performance wise. My guess is that MySQL wins in a few more areas, but not to the point that Postgres' quality of life improvements aren't worth pursuing for a greenfield project.

There was a lot of really good information in this talk, I think the whole thing was broken down and executed well content wise. I would like to suggest that the tone of delivery be a little less monotone, purely from a speech perspective. Much love and respect to the speaker, just my personal thought.

Adam Bassett at 10:35 on 19 Sep 2016

Great talk on alternatives to MySQL that are not MS SQL, or NOSQL solutions. Will defiantly look more into these options for future projects.