Building Simple Microservices Using Slim 3.0


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Good introductory info about Slim - I definitely plan to look at Slim for future API projects. Ashley clearly knows her shit, but was just as clearly extremely nervous and was occasionally unclear as a result. With some practice and refinement this could be a very good introduction to Slim.


Anonymous at 16:12 on 16 Sep 2016

Very knowledgeable speaker, once she is more comfortable with public speaking her delivery will improve.

Ian Littman at 17:27 on 18 Sep 2016

Content of the presentation was fine, judged by a person who has implemented and helped orchestrate several microservices in Slim. However a few points needed a little more clarity/correction (JWT resource servers only need the pubic key of whatever generated the JWT, withJson() is in Slim\Http but not the PSR-7 ResponseInterface) and the presentation felt a foot deep and a mile wide (I've been guilty of this myself...see some of my own talk feedback on here :( ). Talk may have been better as a focused deep dive into what makes Slim in particular tick.

Also, lose the .0 in the title; Slim's pretty much SemVer-compliant and we're on 3.4.x now :)