Docker for Developers


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Ben Shoemaker at 21:27 on 16 Sep 2016

Buying Chris' book, then attending this talk was worth the price of attending the conference.
I have now have a very difficult web setup simplified into containers. I have a docker directory with all the files needed to build custom images and run the containers. I have containerized commands too for composer and aliases to run phpunit in the docker image. Development & QA just became a lot easier and progressive steps were made toward automating processes. This is awesome! I can work as normal, with a lot less dependency on the host environment. All in a days work.

Thanks again Chris, for explaining the process in an engaging, hands-on manner, and walking everyone through the commands that are needed to adopt the Docker platform!

I loved all the magical things we can do with docker by Chris.
I really really expected to have an hands on session. I downloaded all the repos and was so ready. Other than than it was awesome.