Taming the Resource Tiger


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Adam Klein at 14:08 on 16 Sep 2016

Great all around talk.

Eli White at 22:03 on 16 Sep 2016

Extremely knowledgeable presenter who used a great presentation technique to really drive home points about the pain levels that can be caused by small code decisions that you didn't realize.

Ben Shoemaker at 16:48 on 17 Sep 2016

Explains how code decisions impact resource usage and have real-world impact.
Encouraged us to stay clear of array_map and to prefer iteration, being mindful that there is a math problem:
36 bytes for each array (in php7) + the data in it, subtracted from available memory.

Ian Littman at 17:20 on 18 Sep 2016

Rapid-fire talk by a passionate, extremely well-informed speaker on optimizing for not-assuming-the-laws-of-server-physics-don't-exist, which happens to be one of my favorite topics. Explained several cases of what's slow/memory-inefficient, why it's slow/memory-inefficient, and what you can do about it, plus a call to action at the end of making your software maintainable/less of a headache for the next person to interact with it. Great all around.

I am a junior when it comes to understanding the internal working of the language.
I always used to wonder why my huge arrays took so long to process, I have been ignorant and thought that it is something that I have to deal with PHP. Your talk was an eye opener and I now learned something that I can use in my work and show off. Love you Elizabeth.