Test, Create, Secure, Repeat


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Michelangelo gave a very insightful explanation on why and how can test our web applications. His presentation was very clearly delivered by Michelangelo with useful real world examples. He gave us some very nice code snippets to take away with us and some really powerful tools which we can all use to create more secure, more powerful applications which we can be all the more proud of not only because they work, but that they will work that much better - and not come back to haunt us or our clients later. Great workshop. Thank you to Michelangelo Van Dam.

4.5 more accurately. Great class. I feel much more confident now about how to proceed with adding tests for an existing legacy application. There was some difficulty following along some of the examples when it wasn't clear we were moving on to the next step (represented by a git branch in the class repo). But Michelangelo is such an experienced speaker he kept us moving and following along just fine anyway.

Ruth Mansoor at 17:20 on 15 Sep 2016

Michaelangelo not only gave a phenomenal presentation, he assisted attendees with their individual issues, ensuring that all could benefit from his helpful, informative talk; God Bless him and his commitment to spreading PHP Unit testing knowledge in a captivating and engaging way

Michelangelo van Dam (Speaker) at 17:39 on 15 Sep 2016

Slides are up at http://in2.se/ctsrworkshop

Thank you! Your class proven to me that i need to build my knowledge with Test Driven Development using phpunit to make php apps more reliable and better locate problems before they happen or pin point the line immediately when there is an issue instead of stepping through debugger searching for the line. Amazing!

This talk was far beyond my experience level and as such I did not get as much out of it as I could have. However the concept of unit testing was well stated and a relevant topic. Thanks for talking