The Accidental Professional


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Eli White at 22:00 on 16 Sep 2016

A very good talk on motivation, what's important in life, and learning from some life stories of Adam. In fact, it was a really amazing talk in the end. The 1-star reduction is purely because it didn't seem to match what was on the tin. The description made it sound like it was going to have more direct 'developer' insight. When it was much more a 'life story' :) Great either way as always Adam!

Ben Shoemaker at 16:39 on 17 Sep 2016

Adam's stories fill-out the human part of programming endeavors. He provided reflection on events in life and shares the wisdom he drew from those events.

Menno van Ens at 22:47 on 17 Sep 2016

Adam's talk was unique, relatable and captivating from beginning to end.
The takeaways from this talk can be applied not just to (PHP) development, but to life in general. Thank you Adam!

Ian Littman at 17:05 on 18 Sep 2016

What Eli said; solid talk, but a bit different focus than I expected. Would've fit better as the keynote to a multi-track conference maybe, but you couldn't really tell keynotes and "normal" talks apart at PNWPHP so the standards were a little different.

As I am just begging my journey into the php world I found this talk to be quite refreshing. The whole concept of crawling before you can walk that was described by Adam is something that will probably stick with me for the rest of my life and a breath of fresh air in this fast paced industry.

Adam presented a very motivational talk and connected with the audience through personal stories and examples. I am just beginning in the full time development community and the talk encouraged me especially considering I am just at the "crawling" phase. Thanks Adam, I hope to hear you talk again!

One of the most important qualities of a good developer is there ability to keep motivated. When we succeed at what we are doing, we love what we are doing more and it helps us stay motivated, focused, and achieve our goals. We have to start at the beginning and sometimes it takes us longer to gain the knowledge to move forward with a project. Thank you Adam for this talk! Now I have the urge to run 80 miles!