Talk comments

Anonymous at 10:53 on 15 Sep 2015

Very informative talk, I was there with a colleague who has no experience in Symfony and it got him excited to try it. By the way, why is the meetup not called PHPolder?

Very interesting story and journey ,some parts of the story were relatable to my own (but shorter) journey.
I didn't mind the talk being a bit "unstructured" as mentioned, might've also been because of the more informal setting, which is a great thing!

All in all, good talk, very informative!

Just a side note: I dislike code examples with Foo and Bar ;-)

Good story, very interesting to hear what Matthias's journey from the old symfony to the current Symfony2 has taught him. I also found it refreshing that the talk was quite focused on personal experience instead of just technical stuff. The fact that Matthias can tell a really good story also definitely helps.

Some points of criticism: as Matthias himself already noted, the talk was a bit of a potpourri of subjects, perhaps it would benefit from a bit of structuring. In addition to that, the pacing felt a bit off at times, some parts went fast and other parts went slow.

That being said, I really enjoyed the talk, thanks a lot for sharing Matthias!