Talk comments

Anonymous at 23:40 on 7 Dec 2013

Thank's for the excellent talk! I'd love to get the slides.

Easily the most awesome talk of the event. Very impressive!~

Anonymous at 12:44 on 2 Dec 2013

Very good talk, and a useful introduction into the topic!

Good closing talk on tech/tools like "nosql", discussing / debunking advocated pros by example (ResearchGate).

Fast, detail-packed talk, professionally presented.
Gimme more like this!
(missed you having Manuel as side-kick, though ;)

If i had the choice of having a single virtual avatar to support my professional work, i'd choose one preloaded w/ @isotopp's mind. Yup, it might be extremely annoying, but his vast knowledge baffles me each and every time.

Regarding this specific talk today, probably some of the details could have been shipped, though.

An important talk about a rather neglected topic more developers should think about. Helped me to grasp stuff on more theoretical level.
I'd trim it a bit to be more concise and throw in a couple of images (if possible) in order to lighten it up a little.

How to handle concert tickets like a pro with CQRS

Learning about recommender systems without heavy math.
Because math done by others is the best math :D