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What's up fellow hacker friends? It's been a while since the last 010 Ruby heroes meetup. Last month the guys from DenHaag.rb organised a really awesome meetup at the beach, and I have to say I can barely wait for the next one ;) Meanwhile, let's get together for some lightning talks in Rotterdam again on monday, July 12. Our good friends at Finalist IT Group offered to be our host again, so kudos to Ewout and Okke!
There will be two lightning talks this evening:

Iain Hecker (@iain_nl) on Domain Driven Design
Sander van de Graaf (@svdgraaf) on Advanced CouchDB (querying, map/reduce, fulltext search, CouchApps and replication)
Both talks are pretty language agnostic, so be sure to bring your non-Ruby geek friends too!

We meet at around 18:00, the talks will start at 19:00. You can find Finalist IT Group at the 4th floor of Het Groot Handelsgebouw (Stationsplein 45, main entrance / entrance A).