ChatGPT astonishes everyone, including maybe his own designers. As software developers, we're always looking for the gears behind the magic.

How can this thing possibly work?

Give me some time, and I'll give you an intuitive, high-level understanding of AI language models.


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Mi sarebbe piaciuto vedere anche un po’ di codice sull’argomento.

A bit "beginner" level, but good talk

Matteo Piotto at 11:13 on 16 Jun 2023

Very nice introductory talk!

Ivan Belluco at 11:14 on 16 Jun 2023

Some very interesting concepts about LLM I didn't know.

Marco Arduini at 12:24 on 16 Jun 2023

I didn't know much about the topic and I found this talk super interesting.

Great talk